Tuesday, September 19, 2017

There Can Be Only Some

Something I'm really interested in are Pathfinder's Mythic rules. These appeared a few years ago as a few standalone books, as well as the campaign Wrath of the Righteous. It's a very dramatic subsystem within Pathfinder to add incredibly powerful abilities to a PCs, and accordingly, monsters. If you have not seen them, I suggest checking them out. This also plays into my own changes to the Mythic rules you can find here.

Inspired by things such as Highlander and the general trope of "There can only be one" kind of thing, I've been working on some homebrew rules as a way to change the flow of Mythic power around. The idea is for the more amoral of PCs to pick this up as a quick path to power, or for villain NPCs to use to harass the PCs. 
Corrupted Tier (Ex)
You gain all the regular benefits of a Mythic tier, except as follows: Instead of gaining two mythic power you gain one corrupted mythic power. Corrupted mythic power can be used just like regular mythic power, but if used to surge, you may only add 1d6, regardless of your actual tier. Each corrupted tier only counts for 1/2 of a tier for the purposes of determining the potency of your mythic abilities (minimum 1). When you use the Consume Legend power, do not count corrupted tiers as a penalty to your contested mythic check.

Consume Legend (Ex)
As a full round action, a creature can make an attack against another mythic creature. If it hits, and deals damage, both creatures must make a contested mythic check. The attacking creature takes a -2 penalty per tier on this check. Creatures can spend any amount of Mythic points to surge this roll. If the attacking creature succeeds, they steal 1d4 trials. If the defending creature succeeds, no trials are lost. If the defending creature succeeds by 10 or more, they steal 1d4 trials from the attacker. These trials can result in the loss and gain of mythic tiers, but cannot reduce their trials below 1.

If you have thoughts on how these mechanics can be better, tell me on Twitter @raathcatarn. If you're a Pathfinder GM, come hang out in the Order of Gamemasters and discuss with myself and others there!


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