Friday, December 23, 2016

Tarn and Sycillya

It went bad fast.
In the middle of Tarn trying to suss out what this caravan was doing leaving Kenebres, a tarp on the back got yanked off, revealing a group of menacing tieflings. I watched as Tarn was pierced with daggers before he could even stumble back. Ka'ar hastily cast a spell, conjuring stones that pelted everyone and covered the ground in sharp rocks. I heard Heilig shout as she pulled her fauchard and faced off against the four mongrel men around her.
Before I even knew what was happening, more daggers pierced Tarn and he began to look pale and sickly. I trudged through the stones, desperate to get to his attacker. I climbed onto the caravan, letting my rage take over. As I clamored onto the caravan, I watched Tarn get overwhelmed by mongrels and crumple to the ground. I felt my rage nearly break as I watched him fall, until another mongrel crushed his skull.
Then a dagger was thrust at me, only to clang off my armor. This was Tarn's attacker, and in his face I saw my fury. I felt my chains grow hot and heavy as I lashed out, the glowing links wrapping around and digging into his neck.
"You have made a mistake today," and with one swift motion, ripped the chains from his body.
After that, I remember little. My rage only ended when the last tiefling surrendered. He was bound and I went to Tarn. Seeing his lifeless form was almost too much as I carried him to the caravan. The way back to our camp in Kenebres was dim and bittersweet. I took Tarn and found my way to clerics of Iomedae. They assured me he would be brought back, that it was the will of The Inheritor. So I watched as they preformed the resurrection. I wept. I don't know why.  First of my friends and I failed him already? I promised him I'd never allow it again.
This day was not done yet, though. After all the drama with Tarn, we searched this caravan. In it, I found a most beautiful sword. I picked it up in awe and was immediately struck with visions of the Hidden Light. I saw through her eyes as a warhammer struck down a skeletal figure. Horrific monsters, one after the other, each falling to this hammer. When it was over, the weapon in my hand felt warm. I held it up only to find it shaped identical to the hammer in these visions. I looked up to see the others staring at me.
"It's called Radiance," as much shocked by my words as they were, "and it belongs to me." How I knew what it was called, or knew that it was now bonded to me, I don't know. But it was another clue about who the Hidden Light is and where she came from.

Now, to visit with the Queen...

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